Fit Out as a Competitive Advantage: A European Perspective from Bratislava's Origameo

by Christopher Svitok

Slovaks advise companies in London, Berlin and Warsaw on how to approach fit out and new forms of work

The future of work is not only a renovated office filled with technology, but above all, spaces created to suit specific teams and individuals. However, the needs of companies and society are changing dynamically, so experts from Bratislava’s Origameo advise companies across Europe on how to effectively synchronise everything.

Mixed styles of work                                                                               

Hybrid working, working from home or being on-site, i.e., directly in the office, are mixed depending on the position in almost every company. It brings dynamism to the work styles themselves, which also changes the requirements for office fit out.

Therefore, consultants at Origameo always start by getting to know the company culture, the space and the work habits of individuals. After hours of discussions, they proceed to carrying out a thorough analysis of the collected data, from which a concrete plan for a workspace design made to suit everyone will emerge.

The office fit out as a competitive advantage

As working from home was a benefit given by many companies until recently, today it is precisely the workspace that can often be the deciding factor for people searching for a new employer.

People like to come back to an office where they can be productive, and feel good and one that can be flexibly adapted to their needs— whether it’s a space for focused work, larger meetings or brainstorming, or even a corner where one can simply relax for a while.

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A healthy company in a healthy fit out

New forms of work go hand in hand with a change in the “thinking” of companies, meaning employers do not look at the hours worked in the office, but at the work results.

Thus, the employee gets more freedom and responsibility, and it does not matter whether they do their work from a meeting room, open space, or home. Such a setting not only supports loyalty to the employer but also directly impacts the productivity and health of the organization itself.

Office fit out – Trusted by many                            

Origameo’s consulting & office fit-out services have been used, for example, by Yves Rocher in Warsaw, which needed to create a space that reflected the corporate culture while taking into account its ecological principles.

In Slovakia, Origameo participated in redesigning the work areas of VÚB Banka, Pixel Federation and creating custom-made offices for the companies SIA and, which are located in Nivy Tower.


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