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A space that shares your values

The Polish branch of the botanical beauty specialist Yves Rocher approached us to design and deliver their new workspace. Naturally, they wanted an environment that would stimulate their people and help them achieve their goals.

However, it was also vital that the new space reflected the brand’s culture and ecological principals.


Firm opinions

Although everyone was happy with the process, different stakeholders had different goals. Many employees were attached to their current space as they liked its cozy ambience and felt it served them well.

However, the senior leadership felt that the closed, almost-corridor layout hampered the office culture. It was difficult to ensure each space reflected the brand, and being spread over two floors made it difficult to collaborate. The small rooms, the limited social area and the outdated furnishing also made some tasks difficult.

Our approach

Getting everyone on board

The first step was to cut through the ‘wants’ to properly understand Yves Rocher’s real needs. Our approach included a series of visioning workshops, the installation of occupancy sensors in strategic areas and interviews with key stakeholders.

We then used the data to develop a detailed workplace strategy that fulfilled Yves Rocher’s needs – on both a business and an employee level.

Importantly, we involved everyone at every stage, including presentations of the new design. This gave us the opportunity to explain why choices had been made and take their thoughts and suggestions on board.


A space celebrating sustainability and mindfulness

The final design reflects the sustainability and mindfulness at the heart of the Yves Rocher ethos. But we can’t underestimate the importance of the time we spent developing Yves Rocher’s mindset towards the move. By involving their people, they understood the benefits of working in the new office – and went into it with a positive attitude.

Practically speaking, it has the right number of meeting rooms and collaborative spaces that our data proved the business needed. However, we also created a layout that maximised natural light, and we integrated biophilic elements into the design, such as lines of tall plants used as dividers between areas.

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature is the green ceiling which is covered by netting that real plants grow on and climb across. This constantly changing decorative element embellishes the nature-focused tone of the environment.

We also crafted a social space that would change the whole tone of the office. When you enter, you’re immediately in a reception zone that’s blended with a coffee house, a kitchen and a terrace. You see people in meetings, working in a more informal environment and relaxing, all surrounded by biophilic elements. It immediately feels inclusive and open to everyone – just like Yves Rocher.

What does the client say about cooperating with us?

“With all the research, the very first space plan presented by the Origameo team was a real eye-opener, and in a way, it turned our initial plan upside down. We were very impressed and felt we were heading in the right direction. The moment the interior design concept was presented, we knew that was what we were looking for”

Yves Rocher
Yves rocher_sitting area
Yves Rocher_relaxing place
Yves Rocher_reception
Yves Rocher_meeting room
Yves Rocher_active and relaxing zone
One on one meeting rooms

“Despite initial concerns, a more open, tailor-made workspace turned out to be the right solution for us. The new office supports different types of activities, from quiet individual work and collaboration in small and large groups to phone calls”

Barbara Majchrzak, Office Manager
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