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A smartly designed workplace enhances productivity and wellbeing. We take all the data-driven insights collected from day 1 and turn them into the design of your new office that respects your business’s needs and goals. In addition to the ideal layout, you get a list of space types and the impact we assume they will have on your employees’ performance.

We create the space together. During creative sessions, you can touch and feel all the material samples and visually showcase the spaces. To make sure your people love the new office and can thrive in it, we ask for their feedback and ideas during the creative process too.

5 steps to your new office design

Space planning

Functional design supported by evidence based analyses and client input. We aim to co-create the ideal layout of the future workspace, complete with a list of space types and their assumed impact on employee behaviour.

Concept design

Aesthetic design based on client input and creative co-creation sessions that include the live sampling of materials and the creation of visual showcases of the spaces.

Remote work integration

What home office ratio is optimal? We analyse the current ways of working, key interactions and the overall company culture to recommend the best blend of home office and office work. Here, one shoe definitely does not fit all – we develop the strategy based on your company’s needs and team dynamics.

Mock-up / Pilot design

But how do we know if the new setup will really work for us? That’s the response you may get from your people when announcing an office redesign or relocation. We work on their engagement in the concept design phase and organise a mock-up of the future office. Like that, they can “test” their new office and see if they like the emerging work patterns.

Inspiration walks

We organise inspiration walks for change agents where they can see functioning offices for themselves and get ideas on different organisational cultures. We also introduce them to smart office solutions and explain the logic of a modern workplace.
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