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When we enter your office, we start collecting various data about your organisation and business. Based on that, we create insights that drive the right decisions for your workplace. After we understand where your company is headed, what its culture is, how the teams interact and what individual working styles prevail, we advise you on how to structure and organise your office space.

We develop a unique workplace strategy that mirrors your company’s DNA with guidance for space planning, interior design, change management and a home office strategy to fit your needs and team dynamics. We guide you through the whole process of transformation and help your people embrace the change.

7 steps to your new workplace strategy

Visioning workshop

What business goals should your new office support? We sit down with your leadership team and talk about how you imagine your new office working.

Document analysis

To be able to design or redesign your office to fit your company’s true needs, we need to get to know you closely. In this step, our consultants and architects analyse documents to understand the organisational structure, the headcount, corporate guidelines and the company’s strategy.

Workplace survey

We analyse your office and observe how people use it. What are their working styles? How satisfied are they with the actual workplace and what are the main challenges they face? We give you the answers in an easy to digest report.

Interviews and workshops

To better understand the specifics of your teams, their rituals and special needs, we set up interviews with top and middle management. Their comments complement the workplace survey findings.

Workspace strategy

We translate the insights into an actionable strategy for you. It tells you how to plan the space, design the interior and handle change management, including policy review activities. All of this makes for a smooth transfer to your new effective workplace.

Change management

Telling your teams that you are either moving or redesigning your office and keeping them excited and engaged can be tough. We help you plan communication channels and schedules. Plus, we come up with some fun ideas to gamify the process.

Creating a feedback loop

We create offices that nurture your business. To make sure the project is a success, we measure its impact and all the KPIs we agreed on. To make sure all the details are sorted in real time, we set up a connection between employees and operations teams.
Analytics in numbers
Productivity in our clients’ new offices rises by 15% on average.

All the companies we have worked with said the investment in our services has paid off.


The brands we support save an average of 20% on costs after implementing our suggestions.

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