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The Goal

Pixelfederation’s office space is considered one of the most progressively designed offices in Bratislava and the management as well as employees are actively engaged in the constant improvement of their workplace. We approached our research as a great learning opportunity and left with several open questions to further explore in the near future.

About company

  • A game development company
  • 170 employees
  • Established in 2007
  • Located in Bratislava, Slovakia

Our approach

We observed and measured how 170 employees at Pixel Federation use their extraordinary space in Bratislava.

Take a look at some of the aspects of workspace utilization, occupancy and satisfaction we analyzed at Pixelfederation.

We used two data collection methods: structured participant observation and a workplace satisfaction survey. The occupancy and utilization of the space were measured every hour for 10 business days. The satisfaction survey was filled out by the vast majority of employees.

The company has been growing rapidly in the past months and we found a rising need to balance collaboration and private workplaces in their future space.

Results of satisfaction survey

Pixelfederation offers their employees plenty of variability and flexibility to adjust the space to their needs. The staircase as well as the internal gym area supports wellbeing and health.

The company has been growing rapidly in the past months and we found a rising need to balance collaboration and private workplaces in the future space.

  • 70% of respondents are overall satisfied with their workspace environment
  • 84 % stated that their office allows for easy exchange of information and knowledge
  • 85% of respondents agreed that the variety of rooms supports all kinds of collaborative activities
  • 53% of respondents were dissatisfied with the level of audio privacy for phone calls and sensitive conversations
  • 41% of respondents said they lacked space for having such conversations
  • 39% were dissatisfied with the level of visual privacy

Areas of major dissatisfaction were a lack of privacy and problems with noise.

“We were really happy with all the insight provided by Origameo. It is much more than just another workspace research. It does not focus on confirming the obvious, but rather gives you brand new ideas to think about. Unique, to the point and professionally executed. We’ll be back for some more :).”

Šimon Šicko, CEO at the Pixel Federation
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