Origameo talks: #1 Future of work trends

by Marek Schweigert

Welcome to the first of our new, six-part Origameo Talks series. We kick off with a 10-minute session on businesses that support Hybrid working – helping their people to spread their time working both remotely and in the office.

It’s a concept that was firmly in the ‘office of the future’ category. But now, thanks to COVID-19, it’s very much the office of today. So we asked Iva Kleinova, the former Head of Research at HB Reavis, for her thoughts on the current trends, and what we can expect to see over the coming years.

“Will people work only remotely… People are social animals, wired to be with others… When the robots replace our work, innovative and creative jobs are one of the main things where we humans can still add value.”

Iva Kleinová, the former Head of research

Iva Kleinova, the former Head of Research at HB Reavis had a hybrid discussion about Future of work trends

Iva also discusses how the pandemic has already changed our working habits and routines, as we explore the three big reasons why people prefer working remotely. She also deep dives into the four main features of the future workplace – hybrid, social, fluid and resilient – and talks through her expectations of how employers and employees will evolve their hybrid practices to suit their needs.

Enjoy your time and get this valuable information in 10 minutes with Origameo talks.

At Origameo, we use our technical expertise and years of experience to design offices that fuel productivity, enhance company culture and help employers reach their goals. We redevelop offices as often as we design completely new workspaces. But in every case, we adapt everything to their people’s needs – and that usually means embracing hybrid working.

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About the authors

Iva Kleinova was the Head of Research at HB Reavis and the creator of the series content. Nick Oakley is an Asset Manager at HB Reavis UK and the moderator of this series. Jana Straková is the Product Marketing Manager at Origameo by HB Reavis, and Eva Vavrakova is Workspace Strategy Lead at Origameo. Both of them supported and supervised the whole podcast creation process. Christopher Svitok is an intern at HB Reavis, and Callum Fraser is an intern at HB Reavis UK. Both of them contributed to the production and post-production of this series.

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