Creating a Healthy Hybrid Office Design | Origameo Podcast #6

by Christopher Svitok

Creating a Healthy Hybrid Office Design for Enhanced Well-being and Productivity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees are facing challenges to their physical and mental health, including negative impacts on ergonomics and physical health, as well as increased stress and financial burdens. While working from home has its benefits, such as increased time for self and family, many people are eager to return to the office. Therefore, a healthy hybrid office design that prioritizes the well-being and stress reduction can be a key factor in attracting employees back to the office.

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The benefits of healthy hybrid office design

Designing an office that serves as a place for meetings and collaboration, while also promoting movement and physical activity can be beneficial for employee health and well-being. Adding up elements such as biophilic design, natural elements, art, and music can all contribute to a sense of well-being and stress reduction. Similarly, research shows that people are more satisfied and healthy when they have control over their environment.


Tips for creating a healthy office environment

To create a healthy office, it is important to increase opportunities for movement and physical activity. This can be done through supportive bike parking and showers, as well as regular sports classes or other movement activities before, during, or after work. In conclusion, incorporating active design elements such as internal stairs and centralizing the kitchen can also encourage movement throughout the workday.

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The one tip for creating healthy hybrid office environment

Increase opportunities for movement – encourage biking by offering enough bike parking and also have a place for people to shower. You can introduce sport classes or other activities that involve movement before, during or after work. Moreover, you can also include active design – having internal stairs or putting the kitchen in one location so everyone has to walk to get there.

About the authors

Iva Kleinova was the Head of Research at HB Reavis and the creator of the series content. Nick Oakley is an Asset Manager at HB Reavis UK and the moderator of this series. Jana Straková is the Product Marketing Manager at Origameo by HB Reavis. Christopher Svitok is an intern at HB Reavis, and Callum Fraser is an intern at HB Reavis UK. Both of them contributed to the production and post-production of this series.

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