Workplace Wellness | 5 Tips for Incorporating Workplace Wellness into Your Office Design

by Christopher Svitok

Creating a Workplace Wellness Haven: 5 Tips for Incorporating Mindfulness and Relaxation into Your Office Design

Effective office planning and fit outs have to address users’ physical and mental needs, as well as those of the business. Workplace wellness is a necessity, not just a ‘nice to have.’ It means including features that help employees deal with stress, so they can approach their work with fresh minds, full of energy and focus. Even a short power nap has a tremendous impact on employee productivity and well-being. A good example is a research piece on night shift air traffic controllers. Those who were given 40 minutes to nap – and slept an average of just 19 minutes – showed more vigilance and faster reaction times.

Here are six tips on how you can weave mindfulness and relaxation into your workspace design to promote workplace wellness.

"A diverse group of individuals, dressed in comfortable workout attire, are stretching and finding their balance while practicing yoga on soft purple mats in a serene lounge area of an office setting. The surrounding is decorated with calming and natural elements, a wooden floor and plants in the background, indicating a dedicated space for mental and physical well-being.

1. Natural Light and Sleep Spaces for Workplace Wellness

The office environment can help your people enjoy better sleep, both inside and outside of the workplace. Make sure there’s lots of natural light to help with circadian rhythms to promote workplace wellness. Dedicated sleep spaces help too, for times when employees either haven’t slept well or need a quick power nap. They’re also a visual reminder that you’re putting their wellbeing first.

A study by the University of Exeter found that employees who have access to natural light and plants in the workplace reported 15% higher job satisfaction and 6% higher productivity compared to those without access to natural light and plants.

2. Mindfulness and Relaxation in the Workplace

Paying attention to what’s happening in your people’s lives will, in addition to promoting workplace wellness, help them perform better. It’ll also set you apart as an employer. Think holistically about mindfulness, and provide ways for people to be both active and passive during work breaks. Regular yoga or meditation classes are a great way to do this.

But also ensure you have spaces where people can eat away from their desk, and armchairs where they can read or sit in quiet contemplation. A study by the University of Michigan found that employees who took regular breaks to engage in physical activity had a 13% improvement in their overall job performance.

3. Cleanliness and Organisation for Workplace Wellness

Dirty, messy spaces can be a distraction and can negatively impact workplace wellness. Clean, organised spaces allow us to focus on the job at hand. But don’t settle for sparkling workspaces. Keep an eye on how your people work as individuals and as colleagues. There may be better layouts and structures that help them move around the office and make better use of their time.

4. Sensory Elements for Workplace Wellness

We’re driven by our five senses, and there’s no reason for an office to be vanilla in its approach. You can create workspaces full of colour, use diffusers to add scents to meeting rooms and play music in breakout areas. Importantly, ensure everyone has enough light to work and collaborate. Lastly, maintain a temperature so everyone feels comfortable– arguably the biggest challenge for any employer.

5. Incorporate Biophilic Design

Natural – or biophilic – elements in the office are crucial for promoting workplace wellness. A recent study found that workers near windows and indoor plants were much happier at work than employees with no biophilic elements around them.

Examples of biophilic design include incorporating elements of nature such as live plants, natural light, natural materials like wood, stone and water features, and views of nature into the built environment. Adding a green wall, a vertical garden or a skylight, installing a water feature like a small fountain, providing access to outdoor spaces through a terrace or balcony, and adding natural textures such as wood, bamboo or cork to walls and flooring are some of the ways to bring nature into the office.

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