Origameo talks: #6 Health, Safety and Well-being

by Christopher Svitok

How to avoid physical and mental challenges in a hybrid workspace?

We are not just facing physical challenges when it comes to health in the hybrid workspace, but also a mental health crisis. Besides bad ergonomics, gaining fat and other negative physical aspects of working from home, many employees also have to cope with extreme stress and related burdens such as people close to them losing income, etc. And all of those problems come back to haunt us, decreasing our productivity and wellbeing.

Even though staying home often is perceived as negative – gaining weight, not being able to disconnect from work or just not having that “necessary walk” to work that people used to have – working from home has many positives. For those who appreciate staying home, they might benefit from having more time for themselves or their family.

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How to attract your employees to your hybrid workspace strategy?

“One of the ways in which we can lure people back to the office is when the office fit-out design is great, when we know the office fit out will serve us, when we know we will meet people there or we know that it will force us to move more – like when we walk or bike to work or have a yoga class at work. It’s good for health, it’s good for mental health, but it also saves people time because they don’t have to search for it, book it and travel for it to an external studio,” says Iva Kleinová, the former head of research.


How do you lure people back to the office?

Research has shown us that it is people with very nice offices that really want to come back to the office. And there are lots of tools that can be used to attract people back. Firstly, you want to make sure that public and private places support wellbeing and decrease stress levels by including biophilic and natural design, art and music, as well as allowing people to eat outside whenever possible, in addition to many other things.

Generally, the more people are able to control the environment they are in, the more satisfied they are, and therefore healthier to some extent.

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What would be the one tip for creating a healthier office?

Increase opportunities for movement – encourage biking by offering enough bike parking and also have a place for people to shower. You can introduce sport classes or other activities that involve movement before, during or after work. You can also include active design – having internal stairs or putting the kitchen in one location so everyone has to walk to get there.

About the authors

Iva Kleinova was the Head of Research at HB Reavis and the creator of the series content. Nick Oakley is an Asset Manager at HB Reavis UK and the moderator of this series. Jana Straková is the Product Marketing Manager at Origameo by HB Reavis. Christopher Svitok is an intern at HB Reavis, and Callum Fraser is an intern at HB Reavis UK. Both of them contributed to the production and post-production of this series.

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